counter statistics 6 ways technology can help your small business

6 ways technology can help your small business

Running a small business can be a big ask of anyone. For starters, you’re nothing but a lean business machine, running the highs and the lows of the business with just a few employees (if you’re even lucky to have that) to beckon on. Often, your ability to even bring in an extra pair of hands to assist can be limited by your stringent budget.

But if you cannot afford the cost of man-power to boost your business proceedings, does that mean you cannot also afford to use technology too? Far from it!

Even with a small business-budget, one can still enjoy access to the kinds of technology that will build a business and streamline operations. You just need to find out what technologies fit your budget and how they can help your business.

But you need not stress yourself scouring the internet for what these technologies are because we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you.

Here are some of the best ways you can use poker online technology in your small business.

6 ways technology can help your small business

Use website technology to make yourself easy to find

With the help of website technology, you can make it easy for potential clients to find you, many of whom often use search engines to find the products they want to buy. For a small business budget like yours, tapping into WordPress’s free website creation platform can be a nice move. Once your site is created, you can now use some major SEO tools to aid your rankings on search engines, so that when potential customers come online to search for things related to your industry, you’d be one of the first names they find.

So instead of looking for a huge sum of money to invest in a Pokerace99 marketing team, website creation can really be a nice idea for your small business moving forward.

Use digital technology to expand your reach

Instead of trying so hard to get the word out about your business, you can use some of the digital technology tools around today to your business’ advantage. Take social media, for instance. This digital platform can be used to market a business, engage customers (both potential and existing), offer incentives, build relationships, and reach new audiences, all while investing little to no funds.

To begin with, you can take your business to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or even YouTube, by simply creating a profile on each of these platforms and dropping relevant content there. In little to no time, your small business will become the talk of the town and a force to be reckoned with in your industry.

Engage your customers on the go with the smartphone technology

If you run a business where customers need to reach you easily, having a dedicated tablet or smartphone is a wise investment, so that customers can reach you no matter where you go. This technology also saves you the cost of hiring a dedicated customer rep, since you can always tend to the requests, queries, or inquiries of clients anywhere you are on your mobile phone.

6 ways technology can help your small business 2

Simplify finances with FinTech

Regardless of the type of business you run, you’re likely going to need to provide invoices to clients, track expenditure, keep accounting records, and manage your overall business cash flow. Combining all of these with the basic daily operations of your business can be a daunting task, especially when you have limited hands to assist you.

Using Fintechs, however, you can do all of these by simply clicking a few buttons on your mobile phones, personal computer, or other smart gadgets. All you have to do is install the right fintech app or software on your mobile device, and you’d be good to go. Even if you don’t find the right fintech tool on the internet, you can have a developer design a custom-tailored app or software for you.

Use cloud technology

Instead of investing in large storage drives, many of which come for a few bucks, you can send all your important files and documents to the cloud. Furthermore, in the event of a computer crash or fire outbreak, this can also be a great way to protect the most important pieces of your business. With cloud-based technology, you can send, receive, and share any classified document with other businesses, without incurring any unnecessary costs.

Some major cloud services like Google Drive come with up to 15GB for free permanently upon signing up.

Use communication technology

If your business is the type where you always need to put calls through to clients, business associates, and employees, you might want to consider some other medium of communication, so as to cut those expensive telephone bills out of your business costs. Services like Skype, Viber, IMO, Google hangouts, and Whatsapp let you set up a bridge between yourself and anyone you desire to speak with, regardless of their location.

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